Gameduell Experiences

Gameduell Experiences

GameDuell has been active as a provider of skill games in Germany since 2003. Even at first glance, it is noticeable that the provider places a very special focus on the security awareness of its customers. On the start page the company advertises directly with its German location, the licensing of the German authorities and the German-speaking customer support. Quick-witted arguments that lead to the fact that GameDuell can inevitably be classified as serious and secure. However, we can rule out fraud or a rip-off.

GameDuell experiences at a glance

German players are always looking for security and quality “Made in Germany”. This is exactly what GameDuell delivers, because the company’s headquarters are located in the German capital Berlin. Accordingly, the provider is subject to the control of the German authorities and can be evaluated as completely serious and safe. Who is already active for approximately 13 years in the industry, can be classified naturally anyway in the apron already as more trustworthy, than a completely new offerer.

With the focus on the Skillgames GameDuell serves a completely own range of the maintenance. Here the enterprise ranks however among the best of its time, because the customers can prove their ability in numerous plays of most different kind and can even compete against their friends. New customers are received besides with a friendly bonus at a value of 20 euro, which can be taken up free of charge and without own deposit. However, this offer is only for testing the platform, the payment of the amount is not possible. Customer support is always available in German and can be reached by telephone and e-mail. On a live Chat is renounced here however still.

GameDuell in the check: Fraud or respectable?

For meanwhile 13 years GameDuell belongs now firmly to the market of the offerers of Skillgames to it. This long experience speaks naturally for itself, because without the necessary respectability and security the offerer would not have created it, a clientele of over 125 million fellow players around the globe to develop. In addition, control by the German authorities probably provides most players with solid evidence of a secure provider. By licensing the German authorities, the company is of course completely subject to German legislation. Paired with the location in the capital Berlin should be here thus for an all around safe feeling with all players ensured.

How important to the enterprise in addition, even the external representation in relation to the Seriosität is, can be already recognized directly on the starting side. Here the offerer recruits with the safety warranty , and/or the German license and shows the players thus equal that they are here in safe and reliable hands.

An overview of the Siele portfolio: What can be played?

With over 70 different skill games, GameDuell offers all players an enormous selection of the most varied games. Basically, card and board games, action games and brain games can be found here, although some of these are also offered in a tournament form. The games were all developed by the company itself, so that no additional providers were used.

Card and board games

24 different card and board games can currently be found in the portfolio of GameDuell. The company thus provides a lot of variety in this category, which is further enhanced by different game variants of the individual games. Knobeln, Rommé, “Miau”, Solitaire or Doppelkopf are well-known and gladly seen in this category above all. In addition, there are all kinds of more exotic and unknown games, such as “Au Weia!”, “Zoo 21” or “Cleopatra’s Pyramid”. As already mentioned, numerous players are also offered in different versions. Solitaire for example is available as “Solitaire Harmony”, “Solitaire Classic” and as regular Solitaire. Spider-Solitaire can also be found here, but is also offered again as “Spider Pro”, “Spider Light” and regular Spider-Solitaire.

Action games

With 27 different versions, the action games make up the largest part of the portfolio. Also here the players find some well-known classics, as for example the Asian cult game Mahjong or the billiard favorites “8-Ball Billiard”. Society get these two Games by all kinds of interesting and modern Games, as for example the combination play “Q-Bust”, the reaction play “TauschRausch” or the different Bubble and Balloon Games, to which “Bubble Popp”, “Bubble Deluxe”, “Balloon Blast” and “Bubble Speed” belong. For all soccer fans the game “FußballMatch” might be interesting, where chains of three or more identical symbols have to be formed.

Thinking games

If you prefer to rely on your mental abilities, you can find all available games of the provider in the category Thinking Games. Altogether twelve different games are to be found here, to which for example “sport Quiz”, “celebrity Quiz”, “football Quiz”, “travel Quiz”, crossword puzzles or “Ghost Sweeper” belong. As you can already see from this short list, different games of very different directions are offered here. According to our experience with GameDuell, there is always a suitable game for every player. A special highlight in the portfolio are the three tournaments. The “Skat Masters” consist of several tournaments before the winner of 100,000 euros is played out in a final in Berlin. The qualification mode for the “Rommé Masters” looks very similar, but in the final in Berlin “only” 25,000 Euro will be played. In the “mini league”, up to twelve players play against each other and make up the best gambler among themselves.

New customer bonus: With 20 Euro for free start

Differences the player accounts at GameDuell are divided into two different types. Each new member becomes with the registration a so-called sample player and gets from the enterprise directly ten euro for the free play pleasure on the account paid. This credit can be used up completely and is available for numerous games. However, a period of six months must be considered here, because after this time the bonus credit expires automatically again. However, the bonus cannot be used in the entire portfolio, as some games are only available to fully-fledged real money players. If the bonus amount of ten euros has been completely gambled away, bonus money can be claimed again. Altogether thus 20 euro are available thus for the free play passport.

This bonus amount can never be paid out. This amount will be transferred to a separate bonus account for which no withdrawal requests are allowed. So the bonus does not have a financial added value, but serves only as a free insight into the offer for all trial players. Sales conditions, as they are known for example from many other skillgame providers in the course of the bonus offers, do not therefore exist here.

In-payment and payout: This is how the transactions take place

The deposits and payouts at GameDuell are processed in different ways. In addition to the regular bank transfer, the direct debit system can also be used here, which is actually only rarely found in the repertoire of providers. In addition to the two classic banking methods, PayPal, Skrill and the Paysafecard are also available. This basically covers every payment area, but so far players have had to do without popular payment methods such as Neteller or Sofortüberweisung completely. However, the use of PayPal can inevitably be seen as proof of quality, as the payment service only works with companies that have been thoroughly checked beforehand. As we mainly deal with the security and seriousness of the provider, this fact contributes in any case to a positive evaluation. On fees is likewise renounced with the deposit.

payouts strike again with a euro in the cash of the player to book. Here all the methods, which were offered also already with the deposit, are available. Concretely means: Bank transfer, Skrill, PayPal and the credit cards can be used for the payout. How fast the payout then lands on your own reference account depends on the chosen payment method. The electronic payment methods usually credit the credit much faster than the bank transfer and Co.

Security and regulation: A pleasure for German players

German players are known to be something special when choosing the right provider. That is in addition, correctly so, because in the today’s times the respectability and security of a offerer can never be put enough to the test. In the case of GameDuell, there is a double reason for reassurance, because in addition to a German location in Berlin, the control of the German authorities also ensures quiet nights for the players. Here all customers can rely completely on the fact that the German jurisdiction takes effect and that all steps and procedures are subject to the strict controls of the German authorities. Quality “Made in Germany” as a quality feature? In this case, definitely yes. A rip-off or fraud can at least be completely ruled out here.

Directly at registration, GameDuell also reminds every new player that their own details are in the best of hands here. Spam to specified e-mail addresses will of course not be sent. At the same time, a secure SSL encryption is used for all form entries and transactions, which completely encrypts all sensitive player data.

Customer service and customer support: Always well advised?

The German players of GameDuell can probably be relieved of a little tension here as well, because no customer has to struggle with foreign language support. Lacking English knowledge or similar play no role here, because the customer service is offered completely in German language. This applies to both e-mail and telephone hotline support. However, this is charged with a fee of 0.20 euros per call. Mobile costs are a little more lavish. Email will therefore be the first port of call for most players and, in view of this, it can be quite convincing. Within 24 hours, a solution should usually have been found which, in our experience, almost always satisfies the customer.

In order to save the majority of players from having to talk directly to customer support beforehand, the bookmaker also provides a large FAQ area for customer service. This is very well equipped and contains pretty much every question and answer that can arise in connection with registration and the fun of playing at GameDuell. So if you only have a general question about your account or settings, you should check here before calling or sending an e-mail, as each question has usually been asked at least once before.

User friendliness: The company always sets few highlights in the right direction

Optically on its platform, but this is by no means intended to be a negative criticism. Quite the opposite, because by the reserved filling all important menus and functions are optimally emphasized. Thus each player sees equal on a view, how he can orient himself best and where the individual Buttons and buttons lead. On the left side of the homepage the top games can be found in the upper area. This enables a quick introduction to the game, as long as one of these games is to be played. If this is not the case, then all game categories can be found directly below in a list in which the respective game can be selected. Practically, GameDuell has also integrated a search function here, so that the portfolio can be searched very easily for the desired games.

Mobile App: In addition to individual game apps that can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store, for example, the company also has a mobile web app on offer. This means that no extra software download is required here, but that the regular website is instead displayed in an optimized version for mobile devices. The lack of a download does not have any disadvantages, as the web applications are just as powerful as native download apps. The advantage is, of course, that they allow uncomplicated access and play from any smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the intuitive design, orientation is not difficult and, just like on the regular website, is convincing.

Result: Competence and seriousness

German players will feel comfortable at GameDuell in any case. The customer support is always available in German and the license of the provider also comes from Germany. In addition, a German location naturally conveys an additional feeling of security, as a contact person can always be found in the home country. A fraud or a rip-off can be excluded here in each case completely. However, under certain circumstances the telephone hotline, which is not yet free of charge, could easily be improved. Nevertheless, the provider was able to sell itself convincingly in all respects in our test. The selection in the offer is very appealing and all new players are given the opportunity to test free of charge. We can also award plus points for the good usability, which is for example made a little better by the search function. Bottom line thus a convincing appearance.

Gkfx Offers 4 Trading Channels: Desktop, Web, Tablet, Mobile!

The GKFX broker is one of the best-known CFD brokers in Germany. Due to its location within the country and also due to the very clear and intuitively usable platform, the broker is recommended in any case. It is to be noted that the broker GKFX of an extensive regulation in Germany under lies and alone therefore already gladly by the traders is noticed.

Who decides for en broker GKFX, profits from the fact that he is in each case on the safe side and can invest his money in Germany. Furthermore it is to be noted that in each case it is profited from the fact that an extensive training course offer is available in different languages.


Which trade ways are offered with GKFX?

The broker is so set up that the different trade platforms can be noticed over four different ways. That means concretely that there is the possibility that the trade can be noticed for example over the classical Desktop PC. Trading can also be used via the web. If you take a look at the tablet, you will see that you can also start trading super with the mobile platform. The same applies to trading via app or via the mobile version of the GKFX homepage. The bottom line is that the broker is very well positioned and advertises that a corresponding number of trading options can be taken advantage of. The trading channels are much more extensive here than is the case with most other brokers in this segment.

How large is the trading offer with GKFX?

The trading offer with GKFX is more than extensive. Numerous underlyings are available to traders if, for example, they want to start trading CFDs. In addition to the well-known CFD trading, forex trading and trading with indices as well as commodities and stocks are also possible. GKFX is one of the brokers that has a quite large portfolio of trading options that can be exercised. It should be noted that trading can be perceived in numerous places.

The number of underlyings is more than extensive and so GKFX offers that, for example, several hundred stocks, but also currency pairs and crypto currencies can be used as underlyings for trading – simply exciting!

Whoever wants to start trading can do so, for example, via the MetaTrader 4 software platform or via the WebTrader and the familiar Multi Terminal option. In any case, it is worthwhile to start with the trading offer at GKFX, which is more than extensive.

How secure is trading via the platform of GKFX?

In comparison to many other trading platforms, trading via the platform of GKFX appears very secure and very attractive. It should be mentioned that trading can be carried out without any problems via the broker based in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. The broker is not only domiciled in Frankfurt, but also offers appropriate regulation. It is registered with the BaFin and offers regulation here, which is registered under number 13062.

Customers who would like to take advantage of the GKFX service can be pleased that it can be used in numerous ways. Thus the service can be used for example via telephone under a Frankfurt prefix. Furthermore the option exists that the service can be noticed also via live Chat and via email. The telephone service times are from Monday to Thursday from 09 am to 7 pm and on Fridays from 09 am to 6 pm. GKFX also offers customers a callback service. Furthermore it must be mentioned that the broker offers numerous ways, how funds can be deposited and also paid out.

Act now with GKFX!

777Coin Experience

Although the industry of the Bitcoin Casinos is without doubt still enormously young, one of the most experienced offerers of the market is found in the 777Coin. The enterprise is already for nearly five years also thereby and the rise of the new trend experienced thus in first row. Some interesting Slots, classical table plays are playable such as Roulette and Black Jack or Poker in the Casino. Additionally it can be said quite clearly that in the 777Coin respectable and reliably one works. A Abzocke or a fraud can be pointed thus clearly from the hand.

Our experiences with 777Coin

Already at first sight might be clear to the players that the 777Coin with a regular Casino has only very few common. The website doesn’t look really great, but it has a lot to offer technically. According to our experience, the games can choose between several attractive games, which are fortunately updated regularly. In addition, all players can rely on competent customer support, which can be contacted around the clock. A little pity is again the renouncement of a possible bonus, since so surely still one or the other customer more for testing could be animated.

777Coin in the check: Fraud or respectable?

That in the 777Coin respectable can be played, is guaranteed above all by the mathematics. Sounds a little strange at first listening, but is in principle the optimal description. All random generators of the casino are checked regularly, so that always a fair offer can be assumed. As far as security is concerned, the players don’t have to worry anyway, since the payments can be processed completely securely and encrypted with the Bitcoin. The background story of the provider is also extremely interesting, because two clever heads from the Bitcointalk forum hide there, who can be reached under the user names “Zodiac” (support) and “Lightlord” (CEO and founder). Should there be any difficulties or problems, in our experience with 777Coin, one of the responsible persons is always quickly available – a fact with an absolute rarity value.

An overview of the games on offer

In our test, it is of course particularly interesting to evaluate the selection in the game portfolio. Exactly with these games the company can set itself apart from the competition in case of doubt and draw the possibly undecided interested parties to its own side. In addition to a certain number, a good quality should of course be guaranteed, which is often more important than a great variety. Good news for 777Coin, because the selection of 18 games is comparatively small.

Slots and exclusive games

A total of four slots are available in the portfolio according to our 777Coin test report, but all of them are equipped with a progressive jackpot. Exactly these are the games “Bits Bars”, “Bits Bars Deluxe”, “Suits Sevens” and “Jewels Games”. Additionally interesting are the exclusive games, which are only to be found in the 777Coin. These include, for example, the “Satoshi Slider”, which has been making players’ hearts beat faster for some time now. In addition, the exclusive area also includes games such as “Pyra Plunder”, “Seven Box”, “Bit Spin”, “Bit Boxes”, “Super Bit Drop” and “Bit Drop”.

Card and table games

The selection is rounded off by card and table games. Concerning the card games the casino is quite well set up and can offer all important and well-known games. With it are so for example Black Jack , or Baccarat . For fans of video poker, “Super Aces” and “Deuces Wild” are also available. As only further table play Roulette is to be mentioned in the order of the casino Roulette.

Live Casino

Until long the offer of the casino is limited after our experience exclusively to the plays in the regular Portfolio. That means that at present still no own live Casino is offered, where for example table plays can be played such as Roulette and Black Jack under the direction of genuine Dealern. In general, this area is still very cautiously represented in the Bitcoin casinos, but some providers already present a strong live casino today. The bottom line is that there is still some room for improvement in the review.

Bonus for new customers: Currently, unfortunately, no offer to have

Again painfully missed is currently still a bonus for the new players of the casino. While in the meantime every Bitcoin casino offers its players at least one bonus, the 777Coin is still very reserved in this respect. Even if a new customer bonus is of course not an obligation, it is still a little sad that there is actually no offer for the new players in the portfolio. If even more players are to be convinced of the offer in the future, this step should be considered in any case.

Deposit and payout: Outstandingly large selection

First of all, it is important to remember that payments in the 777Coin are only possible with electronic currencies. A regular payment in Euro, for example by bank transfer, cannot therefore be processed. With regard to the available crypto currencies, however, our test shows an excellent picture. The Bitcoin is by no means the only payment method, but receives prominent company through the Dogecoin, Peercoin, Vericoin, NameCoin or ZCash. In total, players can choose between around 30 different payment options, all of which guarantee a safe and, above all, fast deposit processing. For all payment methods there is a different minimum amount, which is displayed comfortably before the deposit. If you don’t want to do the conversion yourself, you can also simply enter the amount in BTC and receive the appropriate amount for each payment option automatically. Costs or fees do not result with the deposits of course.

For the payouts exactly the same ways are available, so that the players can book also the paid amounts already within shortest time in the own purse. The payment is really problematic after our experiences at no time, however, a small fee must be considered here. This amounts to 0.00025 BTC and is deducted from the player’s account with every payout. A hot tip: Since it is not a percentage fee of the payout amount, it is worth it according to our experience to always pay out collected larger amounts. A certain minimum for the payouts is not to be considered. Any amount that exceeds the value of the withdrawal fee can therefore be paid out without any problems.

Security and regulation: In case of problems contact the boss directly

The security within the casino and around the payments is of course primarily guaranteed by the availability of the Bitcoin. All payments are completely secure at all times, so players don’t have to worry about anything during transactions. What is also really interesting is the fact that customers can contact the founder of the casino directly if they have any problems. They are active in the Bitcointalk forum and can be contacted quickly and easily this way. A real license, as it can be found for example in regular online casinos, does not exist here. Nevertheless, fraud and rip-off can be completely ruled out. Every player can therefore always assume that the 777Coin will work seriously and reliably with every single bet and every game round.

An interesting aspect in this context is the mathematical test of the random generators. In this way it is guaranteed that actually the “commissioner coincidence” decides on the play exit and no player must feel cheated or disadvantaged.

Support and customer service: Forum contact and live Chat for the players

As already mentioned, the customers can turn with questions or problems directly to the management of the casino. That is to be evaluated quite positively and lends the entire Casino something familiar. However for ?everyday? inquiries above all the customer support on the web page of the offerer should be taken up. For the wire to the coworkers here a live Chat is available, which brings usually within few moments the answer to the own problem out. Only a small disadvantage is the fact that there are no fixed contact times for the chat. It is therefore not quite clear whether an employee is actually available via chat or not. In addition, from the point of view of the German players, a K.O. criterion may be that the customer service is offered exclusively in English. A few words of English should therefore be included in order to get along completely with the support staff.

Leastly no part of the offer is yet a possible FAQ area, which would certainly be enormously advantageous for this by no means everyday portfolio. Compared to today’s competition from regular online casinos, the 777Coin has a lot of catching up to do.

User friendliness: Simple, clear, fast

Admittedly, the website of the casino is by no means an eye-catcher. The whole graphic is enormously old-fashioned and does not give the impression that it is a modern Bitcoin casino. At the same time, this simple structure has a few advantages, at least in terms of speed. Thanks to the missing graphics, lobby and website can be loaded much faster. Thus, according to our 777Coin experience, there are no unnecessary delays that could possibly destroy the fun of the game. In addition, the navigation is also very easy, which is mainly due to the limited variety in the portfolio. The individual games can be found in record time and the remaining buttons and buttons can also be seen at a glance.

The “opening of an account” with the provider is extremely interesting and innovative. Directly at the first visit of the website, each player automatically gets his own name and an address for the deposits of his Bitcoins. Thus no complete registration is necessary, but instead can be started already after few seconds with the play. Of course, it is also possible to change your own player name or to convert your account into a so-called “full account”. All you need to do is enter an e-mail address and a password. A pleasant side effect: In future, players will always be able to log in in two different ways. It should also be mentioned that the games are only available in an instant game version. The download of a software is therefore not necessary for the use.

Mobile App: Simply start with the mobile browser

Every casino, which nowadays has something on its plate, offers its players an alternative for the smartphones and tablets in addition to the offer on the desktop. A general distinction is made between download versions and alternative web apps, which are available without a software download. The mobile version of the 777Coin is just such an app. All customers can easily go to the mobile website of the casino and start playing without any problems. Certain prerequisites for the storage locations or operating systems are not set. Instead, the respective game is simply selected and the stake placed.

A clear and distinct plus point in the mobile portfolio is the fact that all 18 games can be played completely with the end devices. Also strong: Customer support can also be easily contacted via live chat with the smartphone or tablet. The bottom line is that our experience in this area shows a quite appealing result.

Result: Family casino without big extras

In our experience, 777Coin can be a mixed overall conclusion. Surely it can be said without hesitation that the 777Coin is used seriously and reliably. A fraud or a rip-off can be completely excluded, for which, for example, the mathematical proofs and calculations provide. At the same time, it is very positive that the players can choose between numerous different methods for the deposits and withdrawals. Those who do not use the Bitcoin can, for example, switch to ZCash or the Dogecoin. The payout fees are also reasonable and completely justifiable. There is some catching up to be done in the portfolio, which with 18 different games is currently not really at the top level. In this context, the provider should also add a live casino, which can always trigger its own tensions. Unfortunately, a bonus for the new customers has been waived so far, which should not necessarily please many players. All in all, it remains to be said that the casino mainly takes care of the “basics” and here, for example, is on a strong path with the good mobile app. But the extras are still a bit missing here and there, which is why in the end only a good, and not a very good, impression remains.

Lynx Broker Experience

In recent years it has rained from the highest places for the forex and stock broker LYNX. The Handelsblatt LYNX, for example, named LYNX the best online broker in 2013 and 2014. So it was clear that we had to take a close look at LYNX and check the offers. But first we looked at the background of the top broker and checked the seriousness. We then took a close look at all the interesting key figures and data that are important for a broker comparison.

Background: LYNX

The company behind the forex and stock broker LYNX is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It also has an office in Berlin. The international adjustment of the Dienstleisters includes still four further countries. Meanwhile according to own data over 100 employees work for the broker. The number of customers rises constantly and lies up-to-date with approximately 30,000. The enterprise behind the broker LYNX was created already 2006. It is to be assumed therefore from the fact that the backers of the company have plentifully experience within their range.

Because of the German address LYNX endeavored also for a German regulation, which was also approved. Since then, the German financial supervisory authority BaFin has controlled the activities of LYNX on the public market. In addition, there is a regulation of the Dutch DNB AVM. In principle, the controls between the German and Dutch regulatory authorities differ little. Both institutions receive their directives directly from the European Union in Brussels. They are subject to laws and regulations and have only limited room for manoeuvre of their own. What is laid down in laws and regulations is intended in particular to protect customers from so-called black sheep. These exist again and again in the area of trading in currency pairs. Some well-known examples show that also apparently respectable enterprises refuse again and again disbursements and request so long new documents, until the customer the desire passes, its disbursement afterzurennen.

LYNX can score beyond that with a deposit security at a value of up to 48.000 British pounds. Since it concerns not only a Forex, but also a stock broker, should be referred also to the protection of the stock depot. This is protected with up to 30 million US dollars. Even cash deposits are hedged with up to 1 million US dollars. Financial losses on the part of the broker, such as insolvency of the company, are hedged by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and Lloyds of London. LYNX holds all securities with Societe Generale, one of the largest and most important European commercial banks. It should also be noted that LYNX does not automatically pay the final withholding tax. Customers have to do this independently at the end of a financial year. This has the advantage that profits and losses are added up over the year and a lower final withholding tax results.

Videovorschau zu LYNX

In the following video you will find our experiences with LYNX in the summary. We also show you how the registration works and show you the first steps with the provider.

Click the video now to get a preview of LYNX:


There is not much bad to read about LYNX on the Internet. The many awards, which the broker could win in the last years, speak here for itself. However, it has to be said that the typical Forex beginner will probably not start with LYNX at all. Because an account can be opened there only starting from 4,000 euro minimum deposit, which will be for most private investors at the beginning surely a sum not to be brought up.

The few comments in the World Wide Web certify LYNX however a highly professional handling of their business. Transparency and customer friendliness are in the foreground and are always optimally combined with each other. Customers also praise the platform’s functionality. They are generally happy to have gone to LYNX with their money. Most valuations nevertheless refer to stock trading, which is actually LYNX’s main business. Nevertheless, it can be read that the Forex broker works very professionally, seriously and reliably.

The support in the test

Customer satisfaction and transparency are highly valued at LYNX. This is also noticeable with regard to customer support, which is available from Monday to Thursday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and on Fridays between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at a free telephone number. The friendly staff takes care of all matters individually and is in principle very competent. In addition, you can reach the head office in Berlin by email and via the Quicksupport via our own software. You can’t really say more about customer service – it is highly professional and makes an excellent impression.

Our experiences

For our LYX test report we have created our own account with the Forex broker despite the high minimum deposit. And also we were allowed to convince ourselves of the high demand of the trading platform and the broker. They really make an effort to satisfy every single trader and to meet their individual needs. We definitely have the experience that we are dealing with a high-class and extremely professional and serious broker who fully understands his business. The broker’s structured online pages contain all the information we need for account creation and active trading. In addition, we were convinced of the fundamentally fair cost structure. We have no doubt that LYNX is a serious and reliable provider. We can recommend registration to all traders who want to know that they have a reliable partner behind them in this risky trade on whom they can rely 100% at all times. LYNX Fraud? We can definitely deny that.

The_offer of LYNX

Although the broker has experienced an absolute top rating with regard to the fundamental seriousness, a look must always also be taken at the offers, services and conditions. That helps to compare the broker concretely with other providers within the range of the trade with foreign exchange . We made ourselves thus the trouble and collected all important characteristic data together and in our test report arranged.

Aktien-Depot and Forex-Broker in one

The main business put LYNX actually on the trade with shares. Normally customers have accounts at their banks, which are also used as a stock deposit. However, more and more third-party providers are already making it possible to create their own share deposits. A short evaluation of the share deposit with LYNX: The cost structure is extremely fair, a commission of only 0.14% is charged per share trade. Customers show up over the offer within the range of the trade with shares very pleased and recommend LYNX with best knowledge and conscience further.

Besides the stock trade it is now also possible to trade currencies in the Forex range and CFDs. Futures, warrants, bonds and EFTs are also on offer. Altogether the kinds of trade with LYNX are thus arranged interestingly, are suitable however in principle rather for large-scale investors and private investors with high financial capacity.

Low lever, small spread

On currency pairs with LYNX with a lever of 40:1 with the Majors can be traded. This leverage is absolutely in the lower range compared to other brokers. For many private investors, the question arises as to how any appreciable profits are to be generated. This is only possible through higher stakes, which, however, are practically forced by the minimum deposit of 4,000 euros anyway. In addition the lever ensures for the fact that positions must be held longer, in order to obtain a higher real profit. LYNX is therefore usually not suitable for day traders in the real sense.

Very pleasing, however, is the spread on majors, which begins at 0.5 pips. This shows the tempting and extremely fair cost structure of LYNX, which we have often admired in the test. As usual, the spread on exotic currencies and other products is slightly higher. However, all values are within an acceptable range. Whether the low leverage can be compensated by the low spread, traders must decide individually and with regard to their trading strategies.

The LYNX Trader Workstation 4.0 is a software that provides a unique overview and is very easy and individual to operate. This makes trading much more fun than with the MetaTrader, for example, even though not the full range of functions is available. In our field report we were disappointed by the mobile app that is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry. It is not possible to act on it. Only information about your own trading account and prices are displayed.

Deposit and Outpayment

With regard to the deposit and outpayment at LYNX there are some special features to consider. Since the broker is primarily a stock broker who offers you a stock account a clearing account is required. All deposits and withdrawals will then run on this account. Deposits are free of charge on the part of LYNX always and in each height and frequency. This applies however only partially to the disbursement: For a SEPA disbursement one euro becomes due, WIRE disbursements are set with 8 euro. Within 30 days a disbursement is to be requested free of charge – however, for most traders this value is sufficient.

In our experience the disbursements are carried out seriously. Here we had no problems in the test. Within a few working days the money is on our clearing account.

Bonus and special offers

Direct deposit bonuses and other bonuses are not available at LYNX. It is not to be assumed that the broker will change his policy in this respect once again. To earn 50 Euro you can, however, refer friends. The referred customer and the referrer each receive this amount credited to their account.

Minimum Deposit: 4,000 Euro

An absolute hammer brings LYNX with regard to the minimum stake on the floor. A full 4,000 euros are required to open an account at all. Here the broker addresses itself consciously to private investors, who already have experience in the area. As a highly professional provider, one would like to offer all customers a unique service, which is often not possible with too many traders. Therefore the minimum deposit serves as protection against too many smaller customers.

About 70 currency pairs

Although LYNX’s specialty is trading stocks and securities, the number of currency pairs is surprisingly high. Not each Forex broker offers a selection of the most important 70 currency pairs. These include some exotic currencies. The diversity of trading makes it possible for experienced traders to trade the currency pair that suits them best and to have virtually no restrictions from the broker himself.

Top-Bildungszentrum auf Bord

In LYNX’s Education Room there are basically the same alternatives available that can be found with other brokers. Webinars, introductions to general and special topics and individual seminars make a successful entry into the trade possible even for absolute beginners and newcomers. A special feature, however, is the demo account provided. There are a million virtual US dollars on it, which can be used completely risk-free on the genuine market. The demo account is made available without limit.

Overall rating: LYNX

LYNX is a top broker that is definitely only suitable for private investors with increased capital. The minimum deposit of 4.000 Euro makes it risky for beginners to create an account. Despite the excellent educational offer and the even better customer support as well as the fair cost structure, we would like to recommend registration only to those who have already gained experience in the field of foreign exchange trading.


I like the overall package, even though I left the business and am no longer a customer of the broker. As a customer of LYNX I always felt in good hands and in a concrete circle of some professional traders, who are characterized by higher deposits. The maximum leverage of 200:1 is also nothing for simple speculators and knights of fortune. You need a basic knowledge to be able to trade successfully. But you can also acquire this knowledge directly from the broker. In addition, there is a really rich center with introductions, learning materials and seminars that promise success.

written 22 months ago


The broker LYNX is far better than others! High quality, aimed at a certain target audience and low prices if the trading volume is correspondingly high. 4.000 Euro minimum deposit are no cardboard, okay, but for experienced Profitrader it is worthwhile itself quite. As I said, the price model is uniquely good and tailor-made for me. I usually deposit about 10k Euros with a Forex broker, so my trading workload is also very high. LYNX is totally what I expect. The order fees and spreads are very low, I don’t find this with other providers. Somewhat a pity, however, that prices for German stocks have to be bought in. I would have liked them to be included in the high minimum deposit.

written 20 months ago


I always thought I knew a lot about CFD trading. Lynx’s educational program, however, taught me better. Here everyone can improve his individual potential.

written 12 months ago

10Markets Promotes Personal Support And Free Demo Account

The online broker 10Markets is no stranger to binary options and CFD trading. For more than 10 years the enterprise is on the market and offers numerous trade options. Who visits the homepage of the offerer, will be inspired not only by the service in German language but above all by the personal Chat support. The broker advertises with the fact that he offers his customers and all prospective customers a personal support. Who clicks this on the homepage, comes directly to the support and can step by Chat into the contact with this. The Chat Support is really very uncomplicated usable and answers usually within fewer seconds – and that on 5 days in the week.

As in our screenshot becomes clear, jumps up directly a Chatfenster, over which the contact with a service advisor can be taken up. This can answer numerous questions to the service of 10Markets. In practice the answer comes quite fast and that e.g. also in English language.

The support is offered on 5 days in the week in each case 24 hours long. It is possible that support can be provided in German, but also in English, Spanish and other languages. In practice many customers use the support of 10Markets, which can be perceived very easily online. A separate telephone number is also available for support in German. Likewise the support in other languages can be noticed over own telephone numbers.

Which trade options are offered with 10Markets?

The trade options with 10Markets are more than extensive. It is advertised with the fact that the net yield can lie with over 80%. Pairs but also options with short maturities are available as options. The running time of an option can lie with 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Thus all possible forms of the short option are offered, which are present at present on the market.

The selection of the underlying values is quite large and in such a way e.g. stocks in addition, currencies or indices are available as underlying values for the Trader.

How the free 10Markets demo account functions?

Who would like to open a demo account with 10Markets, must in addition only its name as well as an email address indicate. It is possible that the demo account is completely opened and can be used within a few minutes. To mention is that with the demo account must be paid attention naturally also to it, which everything can be tried out, before a genuine trade account with 10Markets is opened.

The trading account at 10Markets can be opened in 5 different versions. From the Bronze version for 250 dollars up to the Platinum version with 25.000 dollars or more everything is possible.

In general, however, you should understand how binary options work before you start trading. It is quite possible that everything necessary can be learned on the homepage of 10Markets. The risk in the segment of binary options as well as in CFD trading is more than big, so you have to consider how to keep it as low as possible and how to deal with the risk. In practice, many traders first look at the tutorials and learning materials at 10Markets before starting active trading.

The Cash4Life Test: Serious Games On The Internet

The newcomer plays in the lottery world similar to the lottery classic 6 out of 49. Cash4life was brought by nameful respectable offerers to Germany and is offered mainly on-line. The Lotto play can convince with a monthly Sofortrente, which refers to 1.000 euro daily. This game is particularly easy to use online. But questions arise about the seriousness of most providers. has tested numerous providers and found them to be serious. The provider Lottoland, who was able to convince in the test, stood out in particular.

The game Cash4life has been part of the lottery process since 2014. Initially only sales points in the USA could be found, but meanwhile the game has also found a fan community in Germany. The lottery game, which resembles the classic 6 out of 49, can be played online at numerous providers. Cash4life can easily be played online by issuing a virtual lottery ticket, which can help the customer to an immediate pension. Whether there are in this connection respect respectable offerers, which have the play on the offer list to have, is fraud to point out.

Our experiences in the overview

German enterprises offer the Lotteriespiel likewise like on-line offerers , which there is for customers in a large selection. The play is used particularly gladly, because it makes good chances of winning possible and is very simply to be used. Similar conditions as with the typical classic of the lottery allow even beginners a quick understanding of the procedure of the Cash4life lottery offer.

Who would like to concentrate online on the game, receives other advantages than customers who prefer a sale at the lottery booth. The on-line use makes special advantages possible, which do not only result in the flexibility, but also the comfort. Who asks itself now with these two advantages, where exactly these are again to be found, that should use the comparison between normal Lotterie and on-line lottery. With a normal lottery, the customer has to stick to opening hours. This not only robs them of convenience, but also of flexibility. Those who prefer the online lottery can always hand in their lottery ticket. This means that the customer is no longer tied to opening hours and does not have to move out of the apartment, which in turn provides convenience.

Other advantages relate directly to the betting process. With online betting, customers have the opportunity to automatically use the same betting slip for several weeks. Additionally the favourite numbers can be stored, which represents again a strong relief. With regard to the advantages, it can also be said that real lottery fans no longer have to travel abroad for a higher jackpot. Thus travel expenses are void.

How to play Cash4life?

Who would like to earn 1.000 Euro daily as an immediate pension can use the lottery variant Cash4life. Much previous knowledge is not necessary thanks to simple rules. Basically, a registration with a reputable gaming operator is required for online use. You can easily find out which reputable providers there are on Once the provider has been selected, registration takes place on the game portal. Information about the address and the date of birth as well as the name are usual in order to complete a complete registration.

After the registration on the desired portal has been completed, the customer can call up the game and the betting slip. Each player has access to a betting slip consisting of 6 betting boxes. For comparison, the classic 6 out of 49 has 12 fields. The numbers 1 to 60 can be found in the betting fields. Each player can choose 5 numbers from the 60 numbers per field. The numbers on the online betting coupon are confirmed by a mouse click. Afterwards, additional information can be entered which refers to the additional number, the draw and the length of the game. It should be noted that the cash number is the additional number and can be selected 6 times. The player has the opportunity to choose one additional number per playing field. The drawings for this variant of the lottery take place on Tuesdays and Fridays.

After the details have been provided, the lottery ticket can be submitted. It is sufficient to activate the confirmation button. In the following procedure the corresponding payment modalities will be requested. Serious portals offer known payment options, which can refer to Neteller, Visa card, Sofortüberweisung and PayPal. Once the payment has been made, the lottery company sends an employee to buy a lottery ticket. Thus the employee of the lottery becomes a trustee!

Who wants to experience the jackpot with pleasure at the next drawing, should still acquire a lottery ticket now.

The game system of the Cash4life lottery

How is the jackpot, which refers to the immediate pension, cracked? Also here there are no big requirements, because as a player you only need 5 right ones. Who wants to win gladly the pension, should be conscious itself that the chances on the profit lie with 1 to 21.846.048. The prize categories are as follows:

  • Class 1: 5 Correct + Cashzahl
  • Class 2: 5 Correct
  • Class 3: 4 Correct + Cashzahl
  • Class 4: 4 Correct
  • Class 5: 3 Correct + Cashzahl
  • Class 6: 3 Correct
  • Class 7: 2 Correct + Cashzahl
  • Class 8: 2 Correct
  • Class 9: 1 Correct + Cashzahl

The winnings depend on the winning class. Class 1 offers the jackpot with 1.000 Euro per month. Who gets a profit of the class 9, can be pleased at least still about a euro.

Note: The class 1 and class 2 have the “same” winning sums. However the class 1 is recompenced with a profit of 1.000 euro daily and the class 2 with a profit of 1.000 euro monthly.

Knowledge-worth to the play Cash4life

Cash4life originates from America and was fetched by on-line lotteries to Germany. Since that the play is made available with numerous offerers. The lottery game can be compared with the classic 6 out of 49, which is very popular in Germany.

There is not much to consider in the game variant, because it is very easy to understand.

Fazit zum Lottogame Cash4life

The game Cash4life originally comes from America and was brought to Germany by the online lottery. The great thing about the game is that a monthly pension can be won. This amounts to with the first profit class on 1.000 euro daily and with the second on 1.000 euro monthly. The game can be used online with numerous providers who provide a digital lottery ticket.

Olymp Trade Experience

With Olymp Trade we would like to introduce in this review a provider of binary options trading that has only been on the market for three years. It offers more than 60 underlying securities that can be traded with a maximum yield of 90 percent. However, the offerer can convince above all with a quite impressive offer approximately around the trade. There are some possibilities for further training and as well as current market analyses. Besides Olymp Trade offers a convincing trading software and altogether very favorable conditions after our experience to Olymp Trade.

The concept of our web page is beside the test and the following evaluation of the offerers above all an examination, to what extent it concerns a enterprise, which the traders can trust fully and completely. Also this question is to be clarified in the context of our Olymp Trade Review. It should certainly be excluded that the traders are confronted with fraud or rip-off, as it was the case with some black sheep in the industry again and again.

Our experiences at a glance

First, however, we would like to give a first overview of the most important facets of Olymp Trade, which we have made in the context of our test. A first look at the clearly structured and well-structured website makes it clear that Olymp Trade starts with the claim to be more than just a provider for the settlement of trading with binary options. As a customer, you have access to extensive educational content. In addition, the broker makes a great effort to always provide customers with interesting and up-to-date information from the world of the stock exchange, but also with well-founded analyses. On this basis, traders have the best prerequisites to develop step by step into a successful trader. For trading itself, around 60 underlying securities are available, which are divided into the classic categories, i.e. stocks, stock indices, commodities and currency pairs.

In our test, however, we would of course also like to look at a number of other important aspects. These include trading instruments, which can be used in addition to classic trading of binary options. In this context, an important criterion that will interest many traders is the yield that can be achieved in trading. We would also like to take a closer look at the possibility of receiving a bonus in our review, as well as the question of how trading capital can be deposited, how quickly it is available for trading and how well the payout works. Last but not least, we would like to deal with very practical questions, i.e. the user-friendliness of the website as well as the competence that can be expected from the support department.

Olymp Trade im Check: Fraud or serious?

With the Online Broker for trading binary options, we have tested a provider that not only presents itself as a serious company, but also puts this into practice. In our investigations we did not find any references to the fact that fraud or Abzocke belong to the business model. On the contrary: in recent years, customers have always been able to rely on reliable transaction processing, and the conditions have always been implemented fairly. The same applies to the handling of traders’ capital. Even if Olymp Trade is not subject to any classical regulation in Europe, the seriousness is guaranteed by the membership in FinCom. In short, with Olymp Trade, traders can rely on a fair, reputable and reliable partner for trading binary options.

The close integration into the institutional context also points to the serious way Olymp Trade works. For example, the provider cooperates with the world’s leading payment providers Visa and MasterCard, which are known for paying attention to the reputation of their cooperation partners. This is to ensure that unfair practices do not cast a bad light on companies. For the customers this means a solid level at respectability and security.

overview over the offer

Provider for the trading of binary options are well-known for the fact that always only a clear program at basic values is placed to the selection. This is also the case with Olymp Trade. In total, slightly more than 60 underlyings from the categories equities, stock indices, currencies and commodities are available for trading. Even in trading itself, Olymp Trade concentrates on the essentials and only offers the instrument high / low. However, some special features can be used in trading.


Up to 90 percent yield

The trading of binary options follows a very simple principle. Based on a certain underlying, the trader only has to correctly predict in which direction this value will develop within a certain period of time. A certain yield is determined for such a transaction. As a maximum return, Olymp Trade traders can achieve 90 percent per transaction. With a correct prediction, this means that the stake can almost be doubled. If, on the other hand, the prediction is not correct, only the stake is lost. Olymp Trade’s customers do not need to fear an obligation to make an additional payment, as is the case with various other highly speculative variants. However, the yield of 90 percent is only the peak value that is by no means offered for all transactions. In fact, the yields in average trading are at a level of around 70 percent.

In addition, different maturities can be selected in trading, irrespective of the possible yield in each case. Initially, short-term bets on the performance of individual underlyings are possible, i.e. with a maturity of only one minute. In addition running times of five minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes as well as one hour are available. For traders with a slightly longer-term horizon, there are also maturities of five hours and up to the end of the trading day to choose from. In addition, the perspective of one week can also be used to set the development of the respective underlying value.

60 Underlyings for trading

As already mentioned, the approximately 60 available underlyings are distributed among the four classic categories. Traders are faced with a rather well-structured selection. In the equities area, for example, a number of German stocks can be accessed, such as Siemens, Adidas or Lufthansa. Other European and international stocks are also available as underlyings. Indices are also an important category for many binary options traders. This means that a much broader market can be covered than is the case with individual stocks. Here Olymp Trade offers a selection of the world’s most important stocks, starting with SP500 and Dow Jones from the USA, EuroStoxs and DAX from Europe or Hang Seng and Nikkei from Asia. Furthermore, there is also a good selection of commodities for binary trading available. In addition to the precious metals gold and silver, the value development of copper can also be relied on. Oil, gas and coffee are also included in the programme. The offer is rounded off by underlyings from the Forex trading sector. Here the so-called majors are available, i.e. Euro, US Dollar, British Pound and Japanese Yen. There are also combinations of other dollar currencies and the Swiss franc. All in all, Olymp Trade offers its customers a compact but always well-structured trading offer. As additional trading functions, the option can also be used to liquidate a position before the agreed maturity date. This allows the trading risk to be effectively limited.

Olymp Trade does not offer a deposit bonus

The online broker market is fiercely contested and providers are therefore always coming up with something new to win new customers. The deposit bonus plays an important role here. Thus the offerers do not only want to make the customers attentive to their offer, but also to motivate to deposit as much money as possible on the trade account. Many bonus offers are designed in such a way that traders can only actually profit from them if they have participated as intensively as possible in trading. Since the conditions are not always recognizable at first sight, it is recommended after our experiences very much to argue as thoroughly as possible with it.

In the case of Olymp Trade the customers do not need to worry about such regulations anyway, however, because it does not work at present with a special deposit bonus. According to our experience with Olymp Trade this should not be considered negative. For a long-term successful performance as a trader, a deposit bonus is not of decisive importance anyway. Much more important is the highest possible return on experience, market knowledge and technical assets. At Olymp Trade, traders have the opportunity to build these skills step by step. Training courses are offered, trading signals are received and important news about the traded underlyings are provided. Such an offer can also be regarded as a bonus, even if it is not designated as such.

A further advantage Olymp Trade customers can take advantage of in the form of a free demo account. This is an account, which in principle has all functions, but which can only be traded with a virtual bet. In this way, it is possible to carefully start trading binary options. Traders can first learn the trading technique and gain experience of how prices react to certain news. In the long run, these features are worth much more than a short-term bonus.

Simple deposits and withdrawals possible

Before starting trading, it is also necessary at Olymp Trade to deposit sufficient capital into the trading account. In our test of Olymp Trade we paid special attention to two criteria. On the one hand, we investigated the question as to which amount can be deposited at all and which methods are available. We noticed very positively that a deposit is already possible from 10 Euro. So you don’t have to take the full risk right away, but you can start trading with very moderate amounts first, because even bets are possible from a minimum of only one Euro. For the deposit a set of methods is available. It is very easy to transfer money to the trading account with a credit card. The providers Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Olymp Trade also works with a number of online payment providers, including QIWI, Webmoney, Yandex.Money, NETELLER, Skrill and Fasapay. And last but not least, the necessary capital can be paid in simply by bank transfer. Fees are not charged by Olymp Trade for any of these methods. However, there are differences with regard to the duration until the money is available for trading. When making a bank transfer, traders have to wait several days. After less than an hour, the money is available for credit card deposits and most e-wallets.

The same methods that can be used for deposits are also available for withdrawals. A special section of the online account can be used to trigger a payout starting from a minimum amount of 10 Euros. Also for this Olymp Trade does not charge any fees.

Safety and regulation at an acceptable level

We always pay special attention to the question of safety in our reviews. The diversity that now exists in the field of online brokers means that different standards can also be found with regard to security and regulation. Olymp Trade is an online broker based in the Seychelles. Smartex Interanational Ltd, the parent company of Olymp Trade, also has a regular licence there. There is also a licensed site in Cyprus. However, there is no regulation by an EU authority. However, this does not automatically mean a lower safety standard for traders. The past has shown that the traders of Olymp Trade can rely on a reliable and fair handling of their transactions. Since 2016, the provider has also been a member of the International Financial Commission (FinCom), an international regulatory authority that ensures compliance with important safety and quality standards. There is also an insurance policy that covers up to 20,000 US dollars in the event of irregularities in trading. Against this background, customers can definitely be sure of fraud and rip-off.

Support can convince

A convincing provider also needs competent support. This is also given in the case of Olymp Trade. According to our experience, customers have a number of possibilities to have their questions answered. The FAQ area should first be used as a starting point. But of course direct contact is also possible. First of all, inquiries can be sent by email. Olymp Trade promises to deal with the problem and provide an answer within 24 hours. Alternatively the online chat can be used for problem solving or to answer questions. All options are available in English and other languages. German does not belong to it yet.

The homepage has a clear structure

All in all, the appearance of the provider can score with a very good user friendliness, but is not available in German. Traders who are less proficient in the English language will find this a disadvantage. Beyond that however a control is possible by the offer on the homepage as well as the trade over the Web-based software very simply and without large start-up problems. The demo account can also be used to familiarize yourself with the functions in retail.

Mobile App

Parallel to retail via the web-based software on the desktop can also be traded mobile at any time. The corresponding app is available via download link on the Olymp Trade website. All functions that traders know from the actual trading platform can of course also be used in trading via smartphone.

Fazit – Olymp Trade offers trading with binary options and more

With Olymp Trade we have tested an online broker for trading binary options, which should meet the taste of many traders. However, the prerequisite is that you have the necessary English language skills. You can trade a little more than 60 underlyings in equities, stock indices, commodities and currencies. A comprehensive range of support services is available, ranging from up-to-date market information to trading signals and competent support. The Seychelles-based company is supervised by an international regulatory authority and can be considered as absolutely trustworthy. We did not find any signs of fraud or rip-off in our test.

Motörhead Slot: Netents Coolest Jackpot Slot Machine Rocks

Motörhead has finally made it to the online casinos. Who was so nice and makes it possible for us to have fun with Lemmy and Co in the casino? Naturally NetEnt! In this slot machine we have tickets for the front row, from where we can experience the action of the slot up close. Sounds like the slot machine is in the spotlight, but in fact it’s the music that’s the secret star of this video slot.

Motörhead is known for their sound that combines influences from punk, rock’n’roll and hard rock. The music of this slot is correspondingly hard, because here the game is accompanied by original songs. Has anyone ever heard of Ace of Spades? If not, you will get to know it in this slot machine.

But since it is ultimately a slot machine that must compete with many hundreds of slots in online casinos, Motörhead must have rated it with the same criteria. Let’s see how Motörhead performs!

Technical features

Motörhead is at home on stage and that’s where the music plays in this slot machine. The player gets to see the complete tour equipment of the band. Floodlights, speakers, amps, bass guitar drums… It’s NetEnt’s first attempt to introduce you to the atmosphere of a Motörhead concert.

Clear, there’s no band on stage, but there’s a slot machine. A slot machine with a strange shape. No rectangle, but a triangle that starts with three symbols on the far left, then is extended to four symbols, then five symbols on a row on the far right. Profit lines are therefore also arranged contrary to the norm and the number is also different.

At Motörhead the player has 76 profit lines at his disposal, but at this point it must also be mentioned that on the far left there are two rows of three and therefore the advantage is only significant for the longer combinations.

At the end of the day the format of Motörhead is less important than the atmosphere it creates while playing. This is especially created by the dark design of the game and then supported by the music. You really feel like you’re in a live concert of the band, but you always have the slot machine in your field of vision. A combination that is essential for a NetEnt Rocks slot machine!

Normally you can’t carry a Motörhead concert away in your pocket. But in this case it is possible to play the video slot on a smartphone wherever there is a working internet connection.

bonuses and winnings

Many slot machines only develop an exciting game when the extra functions take effect. At Motörhead this is no different and so NetEnt has decided to equip Motörhead with various extras, which we would like to introduce to you here.

Batman without Joker is unimaginable. And that’s exactly what we do with slot machines. NetEnt seems to know this and therefore equips Motörhead with a wild symbol, the Ace if Spades. This symbol replaces all symbols except the scatter.

If we are already at the scatter, we don’t want to withhold this important information from you: Scatters only appear on reels 3, 4 and 5 – but you have to get three of them to unlock 10 free spins. This is a small downer, but not a decisive disadvantage, because rolls 3, 4 and 5 contain 4 to 5 symbols per roll. So there is enough room for possible scatters.

The best invention in this slot machine is the Mystery Reel. Sounds mysterious and that’s the point. The Mystery Reel comes in golden color, with the Motörhead symbol on top. The player therefore doesn’t know what’s underneath until the veil is lifted when the other reels stop.

The great thing about it? The golden color is different from the roles and releases symbols that are the same on every position of the role. Anyone who has the slightest idea of mathematics will instinctively notice that the chances of winning increase significantly.

Our personal number one feature? The Bomber feature. As if out of nowhere, the slot machine continues to darken, additional white and red headlights are switched on and the bomb alarm sounds. Gradually, a golden layer forms in front of individual symbols of the slot machine and only a few symbols remain unaffected.

When all reels have stopped, the gold layer is removed and the symbols are released. As with the Mystery Reel, these symbols are the same. As with the Mystery Reel, this results in almost certain winnings and the winnings are big, as big as the legendary band Motörhead itself!

Online Bingo

Besides the Bingo organized by churches, Bingo on the television and in magazines, the play already created long ago into Internet. In 1996 the free casino game “Bingo Zone” is said to have laid the foundation for online bingo.

Even like the dice game Craps, bingo is initially a game for several players, but on the net you can also play it alone.

Bingo is virtually predestined for the game on the net and so it is not surprising that many online casino operators have included bingo in their offer or even developed separate online bingo sites that are dedicated exclusively to this game.

A worthwhile undertaking, because according to estimates more than $ 1,000 million dollars worldwide (without USA) should have been converted in the year 2010 alone with on-line Bingo.

Exactly like the “normal” Bingo on-line Bingo is played with different maps, whose numbers come off by coincidence generator. Of course the player does not have these cards in his hand, but virtually on the screen in front of him.

There are no limits to the possibilities on the Internet, the number and appearance of the available cards is very varied. From simple patterns to thematic cards with sophisticated patterns, there is everything a player’s heart desires.

It is significant that especially women are interested in online bingo, they have long since overtaken men in this form of gambling.

Reasons for this may be the social aspect as well as the simplicity and amusement of the game. However, this circumstance has led to the fact that the operators of online bingo sites like to address themselves mainly to the female audience and design their sites accordingly.

To play online bingo, in some cases first the free software of the “Bingo Casino” must be downloaded. In the meantime, however, there are already many browser-based bingo sites where a download is no longer necessary. After signing up and recharging your account, you are ready to go. Most bingo rooms offer both 75s and 90s bingo, plus many pattern variants.

The beauty of online bingo, in addition to the loving design and beautiful design ideas, are above all the functions that only online bingo gives. Players can, for example, have the called numbers marked automatically. Most online bingo sites also have a card sorting function. This allows the best cards, i.e. those closest to a win, to be displayed at the top or highlighted.

This automation allows players to enjoy the social aspects of the game without missing a win: chatting with members. This not only congratulates members on their winnings, but also allows them to play games in the chat while the actual bingo game is running automatically.

Bingo Rules

Before you start playing the game, you should learn a little about the bingo you are going to play. This also includes finding out how much the cards cost, what discounts are available and what winning opportunities there are.

Osiris Casino Experience

Today’s time is making online casinos more and more the center of attention. This is no wonder, as online casinos are the ideal pastime for those who do not have a real casino nearby. There are offerers to Hauf, and to these offerers also the Osiris Casino ranks. Here it concerns a very respectable offerer, because it is equipped with a valid gambling license from Curacao. Rip-off and fraud are thereby no topic and also not possible. Our test takes however in the following not only reference to the license, but among other things also to the Potenzial of the offer as well as other things like for instance bonus and payment modalities.

Our experiences in the overview

The experiences with the Osiris Casino can be called altogether very good. There are a number of points that play a role in this good rating. For example, it is about the offer. This can play in any case in the concert of the large ones and leaves for the ambitious Casinofreund no desires open. There are lots of online slots and a rich selection of table and casino games from which the customer can choose his personal favorites. A good selection of live games is also available here. But that’s not all. The provider also does not leave out the friends of mobile gaming, but offers a corresponding offer. Furthermore, there is a rich bonus as well as a great service, which also plays a leading role. A very large role plays with the evaluation of an on-line Casinos naturally also the security. The customer can play up here completely liberated, because a valid gambling license from Curacao is available, which underpins the seriousness of the Osiris casino. And to good last the sides of the casino are available also in German language.

Osiris Casino in the check: Fraud or respectable

It lies in the nature of the thing that one asks with an on-line Casino always for the respectability. Because finally it concerns here gambling, and that did not have as well known always a completely immaculate call. Today also the digital providers like the Osiris Casino have to suffer from this, as they are sometimes viewed a little suspiciously. However, there is no reason to worry, neither for interested parties nor for the player. The provider is properly licensed and is starting with a corresponding license from Curacao. Also otherwise there are some points, which speak for the seriousness of this offerer. For example, he has lots of games and payment methods from well-known providers in his portfolio. These companies will also have checked in advance how secure the provider is before they offer their products there. Because if it were actually a dubious provider, the reputation of these companies would be damaged – regardless of whether they can do something about it or not. In order to underline the seriousness, there are also some logos to various certificates in the lower area of the website.


The offer is of course what the player or the interested party notices right at the beginning and what he is most likely looking for. The offer of this on-line Casinos is characterised by its large variety, which might please each Casinoanhänger. For example there are each quantity slot machines, also on-line Slots mentioned, as well as card and table plays, scratch cards or Pokerangebote. Also a live Casino is also of the play.


Slot machines

Slot machines have a very long tradition. They already existed many years ago in real casinos, when you didn’t even have to think about today’s online casinos. Even today they have lost nothing of their popularity. Here in the Osiris Casino you will find many of these online slots, which come from well-known manufacturers, for example from the company NetEnt. Gonzo’s Quest, Dazzle Me or the famous Starburst are games that have a very high degree of popularity. Birds, A Christmas Carol or Gypsy Rose are games, which originate from the no less well-known company named Betsoft. Besides these two, there are also other manufacturers who offer their games here and thus complete the slot offer. The games are characterized among other things by their great graphics and the simple gameplay. In addition, some of these slots are available in play money mode – the ideal method for testing! Jackpots are also important when it comes to slots. At the Copa, for example, is one such jackpot machine, which, in addition to the already attractive reel wins, can also provide a warm rain of money.

Card and table games

They belong to every casino offer like butter on bread: card and table games. Above all the absolute classics as for example Black Jack or Roulette did it here to the customers. From these games there is then logically here in the Osiris Casino a quite luxuriant selection. Blackjack offers various variations that are not standard everywhere. Specifically, this is Black Jack Switch or Black Jack Surrender. Roulette looks similar. Here also different games are available. There is American Roulette as well as Premium Roulette. If one speaks of table games, then also the poker may not be missing in this enumeration. As with the two other classics, the customer can look forward to several versions. Apropos Poker: Video Poker is also available, even if this variant does not belong to the classic table games. In addition again Sic-Bo and Baccarat, which can be likewise found in the offer of the table plays belong to it.

Rubbelkarten and Co.

Actually scratch cards or the Micro Games available here do not rank scratch cards among the classical offer of an on-line Casino. However, they are used again and again gladly, in order to make a certain change for the player possible. The scratch cards, for example, offer a lot of gaming fun and with a little luck immediate winnings for the customer.

Live Casino

A live casino is the ultimate kick for players who are on the move in an online casino. Because here one does not play against or with a computer, but gets it with genuine humans to do, who function as Croupiers and Dealer. Live games at Osiris Casino include Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. Here, too, the player has several versions at his disposal, with roulette in particular having several special forms that even carry the title of well-known slot games. For example, there is a special roulette game in which the best of both worlds can be combined. In addition to almost unique flair, a live casino also offers the player the advantage of being able to follow every single move of the player live. This ensures a different form of trust. The noise background strengthens beyond that the feeling to be in a genuine Casino.

Bonus for new customers

The bonus for new customers is very present particularly in on-line world of the Casinos. After the registration the customers get usually the offer to take a bonus up. This can be understood as a small thank you to the player for the registration. In addition, it also gives the player the chance to get to know the casino’s offer a little better. The bonus can consist either only of an additional payment, of free spins for the slots or in addition, from a combination of both variants.

In the Osiris Casino the Macher decided for a money bonus. The customer receives a bonus at a value of 300 per cent on his first deposit. The maximum bonus sum is here with 900 euro. Who pays in for example 50 euro, receives again 150 euro as bonus money above drauf. But this is not the only bonus the player can fall back on when making his first deposit. Also, deposits made with a certain payment method will be rewarded. If you deposit by UKash, Neteller, Skrill, Giropay, Sofortüberweisung or PostePay, for example, you will receive another 15 percent of the deposit amount. This offer is laudable from several points of view. On the one hand because there are casinos that exclude the customer from a bonus offer when using certain payment methods. This is not the case here. And on the other hand, because the customer can use this bonus in addition to the actual welcome bonus. He doesn’t have to decide between one of the two bonuses, but can combine them.

As is usual in the casino industry, each bonus must first be played through before the customer receives the right to treat the amount as normal credit. For the two Boni partially different conversion requirements apply here. In order to unlock the actual welcome bonus, the customer must play through the sum of the deposit amount plus bonus a total of 33 times. For the special bonus that applies to certain deposit methods, this sum must be played through 25 times. However, the two bonuses are the same in a different revenue requirement: not all games are used in equal parts for the same revenue requirements. Those who, for example, prefer to play card and table games must be content with the fact that only ten percent of their stakes are deducted from the turnover requirements. The friends of online slots or scratch cards have it better here. For them, the full 100 percent applies.

Deposit and payout

Deposit and payout methods are also a very central issue when evaluating an online casino. Because on the basis these methods decides finally, how the customer gets money on its play account and how he can withdraw profits from there again. So that the offerer can address also as large a clientele as possible, it needs a certain variety with the payment options.

With the Osiris Casino experiences it is noticeable that at least those, which want to inform first of all about the offerer, do not get clear information, which kinds of payment are actually offered. In the FAQ of the support there is a link to the payment methods, but it is necessary to enter his access data. If you are not a registered customer yet, you can only orientate yourself on the logos that you can find on the provider page. Also the already introduced special bonus provides some hints. For example, there are the digital purses called Skrill and Neteller. For the customer to be able to use these providers, however, he must have a valid customer account there. EcoPayz is also a digital wallet, but it is not taken into account in the special bonus. In addition to digital wallets, Giropay and Sofortüberweisung are also mentioned as part of the special bonus. These are modern banking methods. These have the advantage that the customer can immediately dispose of the deposited amount and has no waiting times before he can use the amount. In order to complete a successful transaction, certain points must be met. The customer needs the data from his online banking as well as a valid TAN. In addition, the account must have sufficient funds at the time of the transfer.

Credit cards are among the most popular means of payment on the Internet. The logos of Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard can be found on the Osiris Casino website. Beyond that also still the Logo of the Paysafecard emerges. The Paysafecard is a Prepaid assets, which the customer can transfer after the acquisition either completely or in partial amounts to its play account. Payouts are of course also an issue in an online casino. However, as with deposit methods, the customer must first open an account to see what methods are available to him for withdrawing funds. Because unfortunately there is no detailed list.

Security and regulation

Always there, where it concerns offers from the gambling range, the customers ask for the security and the regulation. The questions are congruent with those to the respectability. In the Osiris Casino the customer plays safely, since the regulation of an official authority is present. The responsible authorities in Curacao make sure that everything is done properly. Even if the location of the responsible authority may seem a little exotic to some customers, the same hard regulations apply here as with other authorities. The supplier must be able to convince in different points. One of these points is data security, which is ensured by encryption so that third parties have no access to it. In addition, proof must be provided that the games are fair and that there is no fraud. Special software ensures this. If the provider cannot convince in these points, the license will most likely be refused. But at Osiris Casino, the customer does not have to worry about anything, as there is a proper license.

Support and customer service

Support and customer service are also very important. No matter how good the offer may be – if questions or problems cannot be solved, it has a bland aftertaste. In the Osiris Casino the support can convince however likewise. The customer gets the opportunity to visit an extensive FAQ area to get information on many different topics. In the help area the player can also find valuable information about the games offered here. These are dealt with under the point “rules of the game”. Of course the customer also has the possibility to contact the support. There is even a live chat. A good choice to solve questions or problems fast and uncomplicated. Beyond that one can write his request in writing and send it to the support. For this there is a contact form, which is to the player at the disposal.

User friendliness of the web page

The web page is to be navigated actually very well, the customer finds itself fast by right. The support opens in a separate window, the same applies to the live chat. But sometimes it is annoying that the support sends an unannounced chat message. Even if the customer has no concern at all, these messages come. Apart from that, the site can be seen, meets the requirements and is user-friendly.

Mobile App

The fact that mobile gaming is becoming more and more important is no big secret. Fortunately, the Osiris Casino is different from other providers who either don’t pay much attention to the mobile offer or don’t even mention that they have one. Here there is even its own menu point, in which the customer is referred to the mobile offer – even if there is no App. The customer gets to know the address, which he has to call up via the mobile browser of his smartphone or tablet, as well as the QR code, which he can scan. In this way, he has more than 100 games at his disposal. However, the customer should note that the complete offer is not available 1:1. However, the mobile site still has advantages. The customer does not have to download anything or worry about updates. A mobile site is also suitable for access from different operating systems. Thus, both Android and iOS users get their money’s worth.

Result: Very good casino with many advantages

The test shows a positive picture of this provider. For example, there is a very impressive selection of games that the customer can fall back on here. This includes lots of slots, jackpots, scratch cards and even a live casino. The games come from well-known manufacturers who have a good reputation in the industry. Of course, security is also ensured, as there is a valid gambling license from Curacao. Therefore, the customer does not have to fear fraud and rip-off. The bonus is attractive, and there is even a special bonus for different payment methods. The support can also convince, the customer is among other things a live chat available. The only small weakness is the lack of a list of payment methods for visitors to the site who do not yet have a customer account. On the other hand, the installation of a mobile service is praiseworthy. There is no app, but there is a mobile site with more than 100 games. Not least thereby it becomes clear that the opening of an account can be quite worthwhile for the prospective customer.